Washington ranked 11th best state for ease of hiring

A Thursday report from WalletHub found that Washington is one of the states where employers struggle the least to hire.

To determine its rankings, the personal finance website compared all 50 states and the District of Columbia based on the rate of job openings for both the latest month and the past 12 months.

WalletHub’s report ranked Washington No. 41 overall on its list – the higher the number, the fewer employers seemed to grapple with bringing people onboard – with a job openings rate for the last month of 6.2% and a job openings rate for the past 12 months of 6.06%.

“Washington employers have the 11th smallest hiring struggle in the U.S.,” WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez told The Center Square via email. “The job openings rate in the past year is the third lowest in the country at just over 6%.”

She delved into some the reasons why hiring in the Evergreen State is not a big problem at a time when the labor force participation rate is still below pre-pandemic levels.

“The state is doing pretty well, and this ranking is a sign that employers are able to provide workers with good jobs and benefits,” Gonzalez explained. “This may include satisfying wages, health insurance and pensions, but also opportunities for professional development and career advancement.”

Washington bested its Pacific Northwest neighbors in WalletHub’s rankings, with Idaho coming in at No. 27 and Oregon coming in at No. 29.

According to the report, the states where employers struggle the most to hire include:

1. Alaska

2. Georgia

3. Montana

4. Louisiana

5. New Mexico

6. West Virginia

7. Virginia

8. Wyoming

9. Delaware

10. Vermont

According to the report, the locations where employers struggle the least to hire include:

51. New York

50. District of Columbia

49. Connecticut

48. New Jersey

47. Florida

46. Illinois

45. Pennsylvania

44. North Dakota

43. Nebraska

42. South Dakota

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