Washington ranked 34th hardest working state in the nation

Washington state is in the bottom half of the hardest working states in the nation, according to a study released on Monday by WalletHub. The personal finance website ranked Washington at No. 34.

To determine its rankings, WalletHub compared all 50 states across data sets such as average workweek hours, workers with multiple jobs, and annual volunteer hours per resident.

Americans work an average of 1,791 hours per year as of 2021, leaving an average of 4.6 days off unused, the report stated.

WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez explained Washington’s ranking.

“Washington is the 17th least hard working state,” she said. “This is mostly because it has a low share of engaged workers, just 30%, so most employees are not really committed to or enthusiastic about their work and workplace. Washington residents also have a large amount of leisure time spent per day, over six hours, and the employment rate is in the bottom half, at under 95%.”

The Evergreen State ranked No. 36 for direct work factors and No. 14 for indirect work factors.

Here's how Washington ranked in some specific categories: No. 30 in average workweek hours (38.6); No. 20 in share of households where no adults work (25.48%); No. 16 in idle youth (11%); No. 27 in share of workers with multiple jobs (5.3%); and No. 11 in annual volunteer hours per resident (33.48).

Washington might be in the bottom half of hard-working states in terms of its overall ranking, but it fared better than its southern neighbor, Oregon, which ranked No. 41 – or 10th worst in the nation.

Middle-of-the-pack Idaho, Washington’s neighbor to the east, came in at No. 25.

The 10 hardest working states in the nation:

1. North Dakota

2. Alaska

3. Nebraska

4. South Dakota

5. Texas

6. Virginia

7. Oklahoma

8. Kansas

9. New Hampshire

10. Wyoming

The 10 least hardest working states in the nation:

50. New Mexico

49. Rhode Island

48. New York

47. Michigan

46. West Virginia

45. Connecticut

44. Massachusetts

43. New Jersey

42. Ohio

41. Oregon

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