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Northwest Wine Radio

Northwest Wine Radio

On each episode of Northwest Wine Night, our guest panel (from local TV, radio, and wine-making circles) tastes wines from all over the Pacific Northwest, and then talks about what they taste in the wine.  Since all palates are different, our panelists are asked to focus on the things they enjoy in each wine, arming you, the viewer, with some good information you can use next time you go to select your next bottle of locally made wine.

We’ll taste either two reds of the same variety, or two whites of the same variety.  Once they’ve been tasted, the panelists play a game to better describe their wines, then select which one they’d like a second glass of.  Up to this point, our panel only knows the wine as “wine orange” and “wine blue” as this is a blind tasting.  Once the panelists pick their “Second glass,” our live audience gets the opportunity to do the same.  It’s at this point we reveal the names of the wines.

The idea is to introduce you to a couple of good, local wines, and offer feedback without any technical terms or snobby attitudes.  We want you to support the local winemakers and try all the wines on the show

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About Brian Calvert

The reason we tapped Brian Calvert to host Northwest Wine Night is that he doesn’t know a lot about wine. He enjoys drinking it, but doesn’t get caught-up in the fancy or technical terms. His easy-going interview style goes well with a glass of wine. And since he knows many of the panelists you’ll see on Northwest Wine Night, you’re bound to have a great time watching him interact with his friends as they introduce you to some of the best wines the Pacific Northwest has to offer!

Brian has spent his entire 25+ year career in front of you. He’s a longtime local news broadcaster and personality who has most recently worked at stations in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. He’s a national Murrow award-winning storyteller, and is best known for his warm smile and personal touch when telling a story.

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